The Pala Chief Mine

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Pala Chief Dig October 21, 2012

The first Pala Chief Dig of the fall season will be held Sunday, October 21. It will be hosted by Ron Schmidtling; to reserve your spot at the dig, please call Ron at 310-562-6800. Please see the Pala Chief Digs page for details on the dig and what you will need to bring with you. As always, please make sure that you are on site promptly; the gate opens at 8:00am. We prefer that you arrive a little before 8:00am and line up at the gate so we can greet you and collect your forms and payment. If you are coming a long distance and arrive in town early, the Pala Casino is open very early and you can get coffee there while waiting. Its about 15 minutes from the casino to the entrance to the Oceanview Mines property.

Make your reservation now before it fills up, and see you there!